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Computerized Unit Load
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Over 150 Computerized Strapper Control systems are installed throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Philipines, and the Dominican Republic.

Computerized Strapper Controlystem
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Bar Code Scanner
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Features of the Computerized Strapper Control System...

  • Pentium based industrial flat screen computer for display of unit load information

  • Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 for conveyor control

  • Sealed membrane keypad for operator input

  • Standard strap patterns of 0-4, 6 or 8 primary straps; 0 - 4 cross straps

  • Operator-selectable custom strap patterns

  • Redundant head operation

  • Redundant stage operation

  • Bar code scanner interface (optional)

  • Host computer interface (optional)

  • "Hot keys" for single button selection of strap pattern

  • Sheet mode operation for automatic selection of strap pattern

  • Simultaneous enter/exit in all conveyor zones for maximum throughput

  • Simultaneous load length & width measurement in the entry zone using inch or metric units

  • Data Highway ("blue hose") cable connection for new strapping machines

  • Wired interlocks for existing strapping machines

  • Field-adjustable fine tuning for accurate strap placement

  • English and Spanish operator screens

Current installations of the Computerized Strapper Control system:

Advance Packaging, Grand Rapids, MI
Alliance Display & Packaging, Winston-Salem, NC
Arma Container, Deer Park, NY
Bates Container, North Richland, TX
Bell Container, Newark, NJ
Bennett Packaging, Independence, MO
Boise Cascade, Nampa, ID
Boise Cascade, Salem, OR * Bar Code system *
Boise Cascade, Salt Lake City, UT
Cartacor Corp., Argentina (2 systems)
Cartones Hernandez, Dominican Republic
Cipriani, Itatiba, Brazil
Columbus Container, Columbus, IN
Confederate Packaging, Macon, GA * Intellistrap conversion *
Cotesa Inc., Vera Cruz, Mexico
Craggs Inc., Manila, Phillipines
Eastern Container, Springfield, MA
Georgia-Pacific, Asheboro, NC * Bar Code system *
Georgia-Pacific, Circleville, OH * Bar Code system *
Georgia-Pacific, Cleveland, OH
Georgia-Pacific, Milford, NJ (2 systems)
Georgia-Pacific, Owosso, MI * Bar Code system *
Georgia-Pacific, Spartanburg, SC
Georgia-Pacific, West Monroe, LA (2 systems)
Green Bay Packaging, Coon Rapids, MN
Green Bay Packaging, Tulsa, OK
Ideal Box, Chicago, IL
International Paper, Arden Hills, MN
International Paper, Auburn, ME * Bar Code system *
International Paper, Carol Stream, IL (T-I)
International Paper, Carson, CA
International Paper, Conway, AR
International Paper, Decatur, AL
International Paper, Edinburgh, TX
International Paper, Elizabethton, TN
International Paper, Gilroy, CA (T-I) (2 systems)
International Paper, Jackson, MS (WPC)
International Paper, Kansas City, KS (WPC)
International Paper, Lafayette, LA
International Paper, Lancaster, PA
International Paper, Lumberton, NC (WPC)
International Paper, Marion, OH (T-I)
International Paper, Mt. Vernon, OH (WPC)
International Paper, Murfreesboro, TN
International Paper, Newton, NC (WPC)
International Paper, Phoenix, AZ (WPC) * Intellistrap conversion *
International Paper, Rancaqua, Chile
International Paper, Sacramento, CA (WPC) (2 systems)
International Paper, San Antonio, TX (T-I) (2 systems)
International Paper, Spotswood, NJ (T-I)
International Paper, Springhill, LA
International Paper, Trenton, NJ
Interstate Container, Lowell, MA (2 systems)
Interstate Container, Cambridge, MD
Interstate Container, Reading, PA
Jet Corr, Conyers, GA (2 systems)
Jet Corr, Kansas City, MO
Jet Corr, Valparaiso, IN (3 systems) * Intellistrap conversion *
Klabin, Piracicaba, Brazil
Lewisburg Container, Lewisburg, OH
Liberty Carton, Ft. Worth, TX
Lin-Pac, Atlanta, GA
Longview Fibre, Cedar City, ID
Longview Fibre, Milwaukee, WI
Mid-America Packaging, Twinsburg, OH
Midland Container, Racine, WI
Miller Container, Rock Island, IL
Multi Corr Packaging, Louisville, KY (2 systems)
Norampac, Calgary, Canada * Intellistrap conversion *
Norampac, Mississauga, Canada
Northstar Container, Minneapolis, MN
CorrChoice, Massillon, OH (2 systems)
Omaha Box, Omaha, NE
Orsa Fabrica, Brazil
PCA, Los Angeles, CA * Bar Code system *
PCA, Phoenix, AZ * Bar Code system *
Penha Inc., Brazil
Performance Sheets, City of Industry, CA (2 systems)
Pinnacle Corrugated, Landis, NC
Quebecor Printing, Mt. Morris, IL
Rand-Whitney, Newtown, CT
Rand-Whitney, Worcester, MA
Rigesa Inc., Blumenau, Brazil
Rigesa Inc., Pacagus, Brazil
Rock-Tenn, Chattanooga, TN (S-S)
Rock-Tenn, Guanajuato, Mexico (S-S)
Rock-Tenn, Houston, TX (S-S)
Rock-Tenn, Lewisburg, TN (S-S) * Intellistrap conversion *
Rock-Tenn, Los Angeles, CA (S-S)
Rock-Tenn, Los Reyes, Mexico (S-S)
Rock-Tenn, Milwaukee, WI (S-S)
Rock-Tenn, Minneapolis, MN (S-S) * Intellistrap conversion *
Rock-Tenn, Norcross, GA (2 systems)
Rock-Tenn, Solon, OH (S-S)
SCA Packaging, Aylsford, England (2 systems)
Trey Corrugated, Cincinnati, OH (2 systems)
Tyoga Container, Tyoga, PA
US Corrugated, Cedar Rapids, IA (2 systems)
Zucamor Inc., Buenos Aries, Argentina