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Intellistrap Warning

Important Announcement for Intellistrap Strapping System Users:

1. Your Intellistrap system does NOT use a programmable controller (PLC) for the control of the strapping system conveyor in your plant.

2. The computer (PC) software program and the ladder logic (PLC) software program both run on the Allen-Bradley 6181 touch screen computer.

If the A-B touch screen computer fails,

Most of the Intellistrap systems were designed with NO BACK-UP CONTROL of any kind. No pushbutton manual conveyor control. No pushbutton manual strapping.

Control Engineering Corp., the original designer of the Computerized Strapper Control System which United Pentek sold world-wide under a licensing agreement, has designed a conversion package to retrofit your existing Intellistrap system to a Computerized Strapper Control system. With over 150 Computerized Strapper Control systems installed world-wide, this is already a field-proven fix.

When we're done converting your Intellistrap system, you will have a SLC 5/04 programmable controller for manual back-up control of the conveyor and strapping machines in the event of a computer failure. The existing control console, pushbuttons, and field wiring remain intact.

All we need is a weekend in your plant to install the conversion. Please call or e-mail for a quote. In most cases, we can have the conversion package ready to install in your plant in about two weeks.

Don't wait until your strapping system is down!

Current Intellistrap conversions by Control Engineering:

Confederate Packaging, Macon, GA
Jet Corr, Valparaiso, IN (2 systems)
Norampac, Calgary, Canada
Smurfit-Stone, Lewisburg, TN (formerly Mead Container)
Smurfit-Stone, Minneapolis, MN
Weyerhaeuser, Phoenix, AZ

E-mail: GregHill@ControlEngr.com
Phone: 317- 418- 4001