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OSHA Compliance
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Control Engineering can provide your plant with ANSI Risk Assessment Studies for OSHA Compliance for Operator Protection from Machine Hazards, and Design and Install an Operator Protection System to reduce the risk of injury from hazardous moving machinery such as Load Centering Devices and Load Pushing Devices.

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Features of the Operator Protection System...

  • Type 4 Safety Rated Light Curtains provide Full Body Detection

  • Safety Rated Light Curtain Controller provides PLC inputs

  • Breaking the Thru-Beam Signal during machine cycling will stop the operation

  • Pressure Sensing Floor Mats require operator to be in proper position before machine cycle starts

  • Fault Indicator Lights alert operator when manual reset is required before resuming auto operation

  • Control Engineering can supply fencing that helps prevent personnel from entering hazardous conveyor zones from the sides

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