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Corrugated Sheet Counter

Non-Contact Optical Corrugated Sheet Counter
AccuCount Corrugated Sheet Counting System
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The patented AccuCount Corrugated Sheet Counter uses video imaging technology to recognize and count each individual sheet in a stack. A camera mounted to a motorized track captures an image of the edges of the sheets in the stack as it travels from bottom to top. Counting accuracy is independent of variations in sheet caliper, moisture content, and gaps between sheets. A label printer is included as standard equipment. Direct host computer communication and bar coding interfaces are available. All moving parts are completely enclosed in a NEMA 12 metal console.

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The ONLY American made non-contact optical corrugated sheet counter.

U.S. Patents 6,091,792 and 6,137,855

Phone: 317- 418- 4001

Counting Accuracy: ± 1 sheet per stack
Counting Speed: 6 seconds *(48" stack; A, B, C, S, B/C flutes)
Flute Types: Singlewall A, B, C, E, S
Doublewall A/B, A/C, B/C, B/E, C/E, B/B, C/C, S/C

Electrical requirements: 120VAC, 1 phase, 10 amps.
Floor space requirements: approx. 12 sq. feet (3' x 4')
Minimum sheet length: 10 in. (25 cm)
Minimum stack height: 1 sheet
Maximum stack height: 63 in. (160 cm) [Optional: 72 in.]

* Counting speed is measured from start of camera movement until count is displayed.