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AccuTrak Radio-Frequency
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Are you losing unit loads in your shipping department?
Sending orders to the wrong customer?

Mis-management of finished goods inventory is very costly.
If your shipping department "loses" just one unit load per day, this system will pay for itself in 6 months or less.

Fork Truck Equipped with R-F Tracking System
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R-F Tracking System Teminal
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This system was designed to accomplish three major goals:

  1. Know the location of every unit load in the shipping department at all times.

  2. Do not allow a unit load to be placed in a trailer for the wrong customer.

  3. Do not allow a unit load to be "left behind" when the trailer leaves the dock.

Features of the AccuTrak R-F System:

  • Tracking of each individual unit load from the point of induction until it is placed into a truck trailer

  • Real-time instructions to each fork truck driver concerning the destination of each unit load, i.e. warehouse or dock location

  • Cross-check of scanned destinations to insure it matches the desired destination

  • Will allow partial loading of trailers, with complete loading at a later time

  • Order segregation for multiple-stop trailer loading

  • Order grouping for trailer pre-planning

  • Printed reports showing loads still on the conveyor system, loads in the warehouse, loads in open trailers, loads in yard trailers and loads in closed trailers

  • Bill of lading report for closed trailers showing each unit load, plus a summary report showing the total number of loads for each order number

  • Cross-check of closed trailers to insure that the entire order was placed in the trailer before shipment

  • Communication interfaces to the plant's host computer for upload/download of order information