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Pizza Box
Bundle Counter

Non-Contact Optical Corrugated Pizza Box Bundle Counter
AccuCount Bundle Counting System
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Designed for counting sheets in a bundle being discharged from a die cutter or flexo, the AccuCount Pizza Box Bundle Counter uses high speed video imaging technology to recognize and count each individual sheet in a bundle. Counting accuracy is independent of variations in sheet caliper, moisture content, and basis weight. The camera and computer system are completely enclosed in a NEMA 12 metal console.

A photoeye automatically triggers the count cycle for the bundle. The camera captures an image of the side of the bundle in 1/30th of a second. The computer system then analyzes the image in less than 1 second and counts 3 separate areas of the image for complete accuracy. The result of the count is displayed on a flat panel color monitor with a GO/NO GO indicator.

U.S. Patent 6,091,792

Counting Accuracy: ± 1 sheet per stack
Counting Speed: less than 1.5 seconds
Flute Types: Singlewall A, B, C, E
Doublewall B/C, B/E, C/E