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PLC 2/30 Warning


Allen-Bradley has discontinued the manufacture and support of the PLC 2/30 Programmable Logic Controller!

For many years, the PLC 2/30 was a factory workhorse, used by many conveyor companies and system integrators throughout the U.S. and world-wide. However, its basic design is over 25 years old, and its better times are behind it.

The bad news is two-fold:

  • When Allen-Bradley wants to discontinue a product, they raise its price considerably. The current distributor price for a no-warranty, refurbished PLC 2/30 with 16K of RAM is over $17,000.00!

  • Current replacements for the refurbished units have a 7-8 week delivery time.

Can you tolerate your automatic production line being down for 7 to 8 weeks due to a lightning strike or other electrical power surge in your plant?

Here's the good news:

  • Any PLC 2/30 can be replaced with a PLC 5.

  • Your existing I/O rack and modules stay in place. The PLC 5 will use the rack slot that is currently occupied by the SD2 Scanner Distribution module.

  • Since the scan rate of the PLC 5 is about 4-5 times faster than the PLC 2/30, any load positioning or load centering that was dependent on scan rate will improve.

Here's more good news:

  • Control Engineering has already converted two PLC 2/30 strapping systems to use the PLC 5/20.

  • The cost of converting a PLC 2/30 strapping system to use a PLC 5/20 is about the same price of a single refurbished PLC 2/30.

  • You get an EEPROM with the PLC 5 for non-volatile program back-up.

Control Engineering will also convert your existing 5TI, GE Series 1, or other mini-PLC's to a new Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series processor!

Current Installations:

Georgia-Pacific Corp., Mt. Olive, IL
Temple-Inland, Orlando, FL