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Control Engineering can provide your plant with real-time or batch printing of Load Tags for the proper identification of your product. Depending upon the application, we use thermal (no ink ribbon), or laser printers.

Thermal Printed Load Tag
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At the corrugator discharge area, thermal printers are used to quickly print a low-cost, bar coded stacker tag to immediately identify each unit load with its order number, sheet dimensions, knife level, last stack status and stack size. As each unit load moves through the conveyor system, it carries its own identity to eliminate mistakes further downstream in the production process. Real-time computer interfaces to Marquip, BHS, Kiwiplan or Corr-Trim provide the order identity, and interfaces to the conveyor system allows for load building functions to group the desired number of individual stacks for a properly sized unit load.

Laser Printed Load Tag
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For batch printing, or real-time printing in the finished goods area, laser printers offer another low-cost method to print high-quality shipping tickets (up to 8.5" x 14") with large text and bar code labels for inventory control. Communication interfaces to your plant host computer provide the order information that both you and your customers need for proper unit load identification. The bar coded stacker tag can be scanned by a floor mounted bar code reader, and a shipping ticket printed automatically. Interfaces to the conveyor control system allow for automatic release of loads that have been properly tagged and scanned.